Monday, July 22, 2013

lots of random goodness

Dear Readers,

Oh my word, YES!!!!!!!!! I so so so so so do this. Like writing *spoiler alert* Grandma Beacon's death?! Oh my gosh, I thought I would die crying!!!! (yes, I cried. Yes, I was the one who had her die. Yes, I did that. Yes, I was bawling. OK, maybe not bawling. But definitely crying. WHY ON EARTH DID I KILL HER?!?! Oh, maybe because it seemed right...  I don't know... I really am cruel to Connie... AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO CRIED AT HER DEATH?!?!)

Anywayyyyyyyyy, thanks so much for all of your lovely comments, which I will reply to soon. (Rose and Mackenzie? Gosh, guys, I wanted to cry reading your comments... you two are way too sweet... everybody else, you're sweet, too... anyway...) I was kind of busy for awhile. You can find that out if you check out my post on Storyteller of Weston County. ;)

oh my word...*sniffsniff* we sold one of our puppies today... gah, i can't think about it!! (the reason this is all lowercase is because i have the other three on my lap right now and they're really really squirmy)

man i love random <3

talk to ya'll later


p.s. i'm revealing my name when i get to 150 friends on storyteller of weston county and i've already gotten to 141!!!! can't wait!!!


  1. oh gosh, you are just amazing. I love your randomness. :) And all those words about you I said in my comment were only the truth. <3 I think maybe Rose and I cried more than you. O_o Seriously, we were like " OHMYGOSH!!! I THINK I'M GONNA CRY!"

    true story...

    AHHH PUPPIES?!?!? I love puppies... I know how you must feel. We once had baby bunnies in our backyard but after they started growing we had to let them go. :( I get so emotionally attached to EVERYTHING... O_o


    you're flawless. nuff said.



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