Wednesday, July 17, 2013

dear you, love me #2

dear you,

everything used to be perfect. everything was amazing. we were best friends. and then everything came crashing to the ground. why? why did you do that? why did you have to break us? i didn't want to go away. i didn't want have to it all fall away. but you did. i don't know why. i'm still trying to understand.

you built a wall between us. a big wall. a fence. and i don't know how to break it. i don't know how to tear it down and get back into that precious heart that i had known for so long. why? why did you build that wall? why did you build that fence? why do you want us to stay away from each other, when what we really need is each other? why do you want to do this to us? to me?

i feel so alone. there's nobody else in the world like you. not somebody who understands me as you do. there's nobody. i've searched. but nothing can fill the void like you do. why did you do it? i don't even understand. what did i ever do to you, that you would ruin my life forever? why?

i don't understand.


fictional||thanks for reading <3

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