Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Pig Wrestling

Dear Readers,

Amazing as this sounds, there is a reason why I have a picture of a pig coming with this post.

Really, truly, there is.

Well, our fair is going on right now, and we have this pig wrestling night that goes on and there's teams to wrestle pigs. The categories were Peewee Division 1, Peewee Division 2, Junior Division, Teen Division, and the Adult Division. (I think the adult one was called something else, but that's all that it was. =D)

It was really funny.

To say the least.

There was going to be a group of teen "girly girls" doing it, which I was much looking forward to, but they must've backed out, because they never went. (believe me, I was waiting for a hilarious one, but, unfortunately, it did happen.... *sigh* Wow, I really sound pretty horrible, huh? haha) Anyway, there were some other teams that were pretty funny, too. Like this one person just jumped ont the pig and wrap their arms around its neck. Heh... ha... hahahahaha.... yeah, it was pretty funny. :D

We're still trying to sell the rest of our puppies (we already sold one, and another is spoken for! Only two more left...), so I had an adorable little ball of Shorkie Chon fur on me. (yes, there's a reason you've never heard of that breed--mostly because we made up the name. =P They're a Shih Tzu/Bichion Frize/Yorkshire Terrier mix/cross, and, oh golly, they're the cutest puppies I've ever seen, and I'm not just saying that because they're ours...) It was so cute. :)

The calcutta at the beginning for the teams was kinda boring, but otherwise it was hilarious to watch everybody running for the pig in the mud. A team of boys actually just flopped themselves in the mud. (OK, OK, I probably would've done the same... even though they were really little boys. Who could resist having dirty clothes on and not jumping in the mud? I mean, really...!)

It was a great night. :)

Have you ever watched pig wrestling?

Catch ya later...


P.S. After coming back from the pig wrestling, isn't that a great excuse to have bacon for supper? Yum yum...


  1. OH my! that sounds so hilarious! Would love to do that.

    Yea, boys like to get in any kind of mud!!!! YUUUUUUUUUCK! =D But I am kinda used to it seeing I have 3 brothers ... almost 4. hehe!

  2. That's so funny, Storyteller! :D I'd love to see that sometime! :D Oh, and do you think you could post a picture of the puppies? :) I'd love to see them! If not, that's totally okay. :)


    1. Thanks!! :) I might be able to get something worked out... ;)


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