Sunday, July 14, 2013

it doesn't even matter

i watch other people
all the attention they get
for things that i can do
and it makes me feel
don't they see me?
don't they see what i can do?
why don't they understand?
why don't they like me?
why don't they tell me what they think?
i watch other people
get so many friends
so much praise
and they just bask in it
and why shouldn't they?
but aren't i as good as they are?
don't people care about me?
don't they understand?
i watch other people
and see the things they do
and suddenly i feel
like i can never do anything right
because who can stand
against those other people?
who everyone says is so amazing?
who can stand?
certainly not me
and suddenly
i realize
it doesn't even matter
they don't know me
none of them do
but who cares?
i do what i do
 i serve My God
i do what i have to do
and it doesn't matter about them
because this is between me and God
and it doesn't matter
it might still hurt
it might still give pain
but it won't hurt me
like it did before
because i'm stronger now
and it doesn't even matter


be kind • be polite • be amazing