Friday, July 19, 2013

take a leap of faith

i stared at the gaping space
and fear crept up on me
breathing down my spine
"if you go in there
you will die"
i didn't want to go in there
but i closed my eyes
and i remembered
everything that i had been told
my eyes flipped open
i had to go through
i didn't want to
but i had to
it was horrible
it was scary
it was dark
but i had been Called
and i had to go
i took a step forward
and walked through

We all have those things that we have to do that are unpleasant to us, whether it's having to move away from family friends, give up a beloved pet, do our chores, or build a house. There's always those unpleasant things to God calls us to do. We don't want to do them. We shrink back in fear. But we have to do them. Because we've been Called.

There's been lots of unpleasant things that I've been called to do, and I haven't done all of them, and I definitely haven't done all of them without complaining. But sometimes we just have to push through all of our fears and uncomforts and just get the job done. Just get whatever it is over with. Just get it all done.

So take a leap of faith.

Walk through the scary gaping door before you.

And know that Someone's holding your hand the whole way.

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