Friday, July 12, 2013

Story Sneak Peek: Rain

Princess Rain has always felt second best to her sister, Snow. Snow has always acted the role of the future ruler, despite the fact that Rain is two years older. When Rain is framed for an act of felony that she didn't commit, she is forced to flee her father's kingdom or be sent to the dungeons by her evil younger sister. Confused, angry, and full of sadness to be apart from her beloved father, she wanders into the Lost Forests, where she encounters a strange group of characters. Upon finding out that Snow has a plot to kill their father on the kingdom's anniversary, the same night that Snow will be crowned the ruler, Rain goes into action and, along with a motley band of dwarves, elves, and an angry huntsman, they go to save him. But will they be in time? And can they save the kingdom from utter despair?

This... is just a little synopsis of my newest story idea. Yeah, yeah, I decided to redo the Snow White story in a way that's totally not Snow Whitey. Well, first off, it's not a totally random idea--I was just randomly reading this book at the library and on the back it said, "How to mix up a fairytale--make the hero the villain and make the villain the hero." And I was like, "That is such a good idea!" Then I was going through fairytales, and I realized that one that doesn't get redone that often, but it still one of the more famous ones, was Snow White.

And come on. Admit it. The idea of having the gorgeous Snow White as a cruel and ruthless younger sister princess is pretty scary, right?

It took awhile to get it all through my brain--so Snow White's the bad guy, so who on earth is the hero? Um, the huntsman? No, it has to be a girl. Obviously. But then who? The Evil Queen? And that's when  I realized I wanted her to be the good guy. And then I was like, "Wait. Whoa. That makes my main character like... wow... ancient. I don't want that!" Then I got a great idea, "Why not make her the older sister, but she looks old enough to be Snow White's mother?" Of course, I was feeling pretty stoked at that idea. So I grabbed my notebook and started writing down ideas.

Which... is when I got to the dwarf part. And I was like, "Now, how on earth am I going to make the dwarves totally characters of my own?" And I was thinking, "First off, there can't be seven. There has to be more." That's why I decided it was two groups of feuding outlaw dwarves. Oh yeah. I was on a roll by then, and I was, "Whatever! Let's add in some elves! Everybody likes elves!" (at this point I will mention that these aren't cute little elves. These are LOTR-Legolas-kill-the-orcs-with-huge-bows elves.) And then I was like, "Wait a sec. What about the poor Huntsman?" So of course he hates Snow and wants to join Rain's side. :)

Now, about Rain's name. I was trying to think of a really good name for her. And I just couldn't help but think, "Man, Snow White's really a stupid name. Why on earth would you name your princess in your story Snow?" And then it was just like BINGO. Lightbulb in the brain. What if their father was like this huge weather scientist dude? That's why he would've named Snow Snow. And that's why I picked Rain for Rain's name.

I still haven't decided if there's going to be a prince/love interest for poor Rain. I mean, she's going to be seventeen about to turn eighteen. But still. Mushy gushy books are not what I like. I like having the guy in there, so that you can go and imagine what happens in the future (they get married? She ditches him? Who cares!) but I don't like having to go in on that in detail. (um... eww) Anyway, so, if there was one, I'm just saying, I think it should be an elf. Or maybe the huntsman! Wait, no, I made him old and he already has a family. Nevermind. =P

(if you can't tell, I'm still figuring some of these things out. Like... as I write this)

Anyway, so that's kind of a sneak peek of an upcoming story that I'm writing and hopefully going to be posting on here right before I go and get it published. :) Talk to ya'll later. ;)


  1. That sounds cool! I love the way you changed up Snow White, instead if going to convention way!

  2. Lol I love your thought process! Fun idea, I can't wait to read it!

  3. Cool sounds like an awesome story!
    This is pretty unrelated to your post but....
    Have you ever read Snow White and Rose Red?
    It's written by the same author but has a totally
    different plot line as far as I know it's only been partially
    redone in a movie with a lot of Snow White mixed in and her
    sister Rose Red totally taken out (Rose Red is not evil in that story)
    They're both the heroine's and there's this dwarf who's the villain
    and a mysterious talking bear...I think it'd be sooooo fun to redo this story!
    And may even take it on myself sometime...but you know in a different way :)
    It'd be soooo cool if you published this story when you were done with it!
    Super awesome!

    I think you should have a love interest in the book...because there are ways of introducing it in subtly plus it'd be taking a story where you've never taken it before twice in one book and also trying new techniques is good for practice :D

    I don't know but this is gold to a fellow writer like myself!
    Keep writing :D
    Au Revoir

    1. Yes, I have read that story! It always intrigued me. :)

  4. This sounds great!!

    Random question: have you seen "Mirror, Mirror"? It is such a funny, GREAt movie.

    1. Thanks!! :)

      No, actually, I haven't! So it's good? :)

    2. I personally don't like it (mirror mirror)
      but my sister's Ani and Liz love it and I'm kind of
      picky like that (according to them) soooo you should probably
      watch it to form your own opinion
      Your Friend

  5. Wow, that sounds awesome Storyteller! You are so creative. I can't wait to read it! :)

    ~ Jessica

  6. ahhh! This is such a brilliant idea! :D You are truly a gifted writer! <3


    1. Thanks so much, Mackenzie:) That means a lot:)

  7. This storie is going to be great! Can't wait to read it!



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