Tuesday, July 16, 2013

because i love you

i saw you
i heard you yell my name
"marina! no!"
they had to hold you back
as i walked up before him
as he looked at me
and said
"why are you here?"
"take me," i whispered
"take me instead of him"
i pointed to him
his eyes were anguish
he tried to get to me
to rescue me
but the others
they held him back
this was my choice
a teardrop falls down my cheek
my breath catches in my throat
do i really want to do this?
sacrifice myself?
for him?
the man sitting before me
he watched me
and he watched you
he saw your pain
your anguish
he saw the words in your eyes--
"don't take her"
"take me"
but you he turned to me
and he said
"you have saved his life"
"now go"
i looked back over my shoulder
one last time
your eyes were anguish
you looked about ready
to sink into the cobbles
and die
because i had left
because i had been everything to you
but my eyes
they gave him my message
they told him the reason why
"because i love you"


  1. This made my tear ducts get ready to release. Thanks for this, Storyteller<3

  2. LOVED THIS IS DEATH! How can you make me cry like this?!?!?!?! :D


    1. haha thanks!! :) Um... I don't know? lol


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