Saturday, December 15, 2012

For those who lost their lives yesterday

Dear Readers,

I was heartbroken to read about the 27 kids who died in Connecticut yesterday. I couldn't believe it. The thought of the shooting reminded me of all the shootings that have happened this year. Already there have been three major shootings this year--this 2012. This year of the triple 12s. Yesterday night I watched The Hunger Games and it just reminded me of that--kids being killed. It's horrible. Pray for the kids' families. I can only imagine what it's like for them.



  1. It's hard to believe somebody would do that. It makes me realize I wouldn't mind dying young. :'/

    But let's try to focus on something happy. Did you like the HG? ARE YOU GOING TO LIKE IT FOREVER AND EVER? CAN WE FANGIRL ABOUT IT TOGETHER?!?! ;D


    1. I know. :'(

      Well, I didn't like it that they had to kill each other, and that Katniss killed the people. As a Christian, I see that if I'd been in that situation I wouldn't have jumped in front of a bow to get shot but I also wouldn't have killed anybody. All in all, my favorite character was Rue. :) So what's your favorite thing about HG?

    2. Well, there are two other books {and that movie was only of the first one, lol}, so you really should read them to understand the movie better and what I'm saying my favorite part is {LIKE THEY LEFT A REALLY IMPORTANT PERSON OUT OF THE FIRST MOVIE! :p}. But anyway, my favorite part is the epilogue of the last book. It's so sweet. <3 :)

    3. Yeah, it'll be interesting to see what the others are like...

  2. I cried when I saw this in the newspaper. It just broke my heart that someone would do this to innocent children. It reminded me of the Hunger Games too.


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