Sunday, December 30, 2012

I'm sorry I haven't written. So much has happened.

Dear Readers,

This is Abigail Jane Applegate. I'm sorry that I haven't written in what seems like ages to me. The war (Revolutionary War) is still raging around me. I feel the sadness of the people as more and more fall to the cause of freedom for this country.

I am currently living at my grandmother's plantation, and my father has gone off to war. It's not easy living here. My grandmother expects that we all have to be perfect ladies. But I do not want to be. I am considered to be the ugliest of my sisters, but I do not care. I just wish that I could get away from here... and from the war...

Thankfully, I manage to escape sometimes during the day. This is wonderful--when I can escape to the barns and hide in one of the lofts. Nobody finds me, and I can write one of these letters or write in my diary that is, mostly and sadly, empty, because I cannot bring myself to write of the tragedies of war.

I hear somebody calling me.

Abigail Jane Applegate

* * *

Meanwhile, I (Storyteller/Katrina) found some awesome pics on Pinterest for ya'll. ;D


  1. I love these letters. So creative.

    I like the last picture the best. :)

    1. Thanks!

      I'm not sure. I like all of them. =D


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