Friday, December 28, 2012

I was puking. And I have some weird eye updates. So... yeah.

Dear Readers,

I've officially decided that my name's Katrina. You may call me Kat, but I like Katrina better, so it's really up to you.

So, yeah. On Thursday I woke up and I puked. So I lay low all that day. And then today I was glugging down gatorade. Yeah.

But on Wednesday I went to the eye doctor just for a checkup. OK, so, whenever I go to the eye doctor I get this fear like "YOU. NEED. GLASSES" or something. It just scares me.

But, no, I don't need glasses.

Instead, I found out that if I don't want to get cross eyed and have a horrible surgery, I can't read or go on the computer past twenty minutes straight. After every twenty minutes I have to stop and look twenty feet away for twenty seconds.

It wouldn't stink as much if those weren't the two main things that I do.

First of all, I love reading. Second of all, I love writing and blogging. So, basically, everything that I love doing, is kind of interrupted. Yeah. It's kind of annoying, but I'm hoping it gets into better habit, soon. =P

See ya later, gator. ;)



  1. Katrina. I like it. :)

    AWW, that sucks! I feel SO bad for you. I wear REALLY thick glasses and when I take them off, everything is bokeh.

    Hope you feel better!

    1. Thanks. :) Love your entry for the Unusuals contest, by the way! Thanks so much for entering!! :)

  2. That stinks! But having eye surgery {and the possibility of losing your sight due to that} is way worse than looking away for a few seconds. :/ So just hang on there.
    Katrina? Hmm...

    {boo! I found you! {and I never even had cake to celebrate}}

  3. I heard that a long time ago but I never followed it...and now I have glasses
    but I never wear them because I'm lazy and never get around to putting them
    so I wind up forgetting about them. Anyways sorry about you being sick
    that's never fun strangely enough though my family hardly ever gets sick
    it's weird because we're exposed to all kinds of stuff but I have a hard enough
    time getting a cold but for some real strange reason I have a cough that won't quit
    arg well it will quit at some point right?
    Your Friend
    Poem Girl

    1. So you had that, too? I have it because when I was younger I had a lazy eye (left eye). Now, it's inverting. Kind of stinks. =P

  4. I'm sorry that's happening. But it's definitely better than having to have surgery!


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