Friday, December 14, 2012

Ladasha the Beautiful

Dear Readers,

Hi, this is Jessie Bender. Yes, I'm finally back!!

Oh yeah--and that talk about the junior CIA? Just go and forget about that. You don't need to know anything. In fact, it might even endanger your very own life.

No, no, you're quite safe, just don't try to go and find me, OK?

Anyway, so after I got back Noah said he was never going to leave my side ever again--EVER AGAIN--but then I pointed out that obviously he didn't live at our house and wasn't going to any time soon. (Or ever. Hopefully never.)

I went to school and I was surprise when Maya ran up.

"JESSIE!" she shrieked, wrapping her arms around me.

"Oh, uh, hi," I managed. "How ya doing, Maya?"

Summer came down the hallway and rolled her eyes at us. "Oh, I see the loser's back."

"Don't call her a loser." It was Maurice, glaring fiercely at Summer. "Jessie Bender is definitely NOT a loser, and I'd like you to remember it!"

Summer rolled her eyes, muttering, "Whatever," and stalking off down the hallway in her high heels.

Noah stuck to my side like glue the whole time. Whenever I went somewhere he couldn't go (coughcoughGIRL'S BATHROOMcoughcough) he guarded the door like he was my personal bodyguard and I was president's daughter. That kid is my best friend, but, come on, it was kind of embarrassing.

I was just coming out of one of my classes when this beautiful girl who could've passed as an Indian princess walked down the hallway. I glanced over at Noah to see the affect she was having on him, but Noah was just rolling his eyes. I smiled. Good ol' Noah.

"That girl probably thinks she's so hot," muttered Noah. "Well, I'm going to break trends and call her ugly!"

"Noah," I warned.

"Well, you're much prettier," he announced.

"Thanks," I snorted. "Can we go to class now?"

We just started to go into our next class when Maya ran up to me. I couldn't understand why on earth she was even talking to me since she usually hated my guts, but she was. Excitedly, she began to say something in a hurried rush.

"Please," I begged. "Start over."

Maya rolled her eyes. "Did you see that girl out there? Her name's Ladasha, and she's from Chicago. Her dad's like this millionaire dude. They're super rich!"

"Wow," I managed.

"I think she's ugly," Noah announced.

Maya looked horrified. "No she's not! She's beautiful!"

"Well, I think she's one of the ugliest girls I've seen!" my best friend declared.

"You'd better not say that to her face," hissed Maya. "I hear that she's even doing modeling. She's been doing modeling for American Girl since she was like six! Isn't that creepy?! Lately, she's been working for even bigger companies! She's a star!"

"Then Jessie would be the sun," declared Noah. "Excuse us, we've got to go to class."

We sat down in our classroom. Madeline, a girl that I knew from being one of the best shots in the spaghetti war, leaned over and hissed, "I agree with you, Noah."

I wasn't sure which part she agreed with. I wasn't sure I wanted to know.

But I can't help but wonder--what's going to happen with this Ladasha girl?



  2. Hey, awesome story!

    I awarded you!

    1. Thanks!

      We will definitely check it out!! :)

  3. Loved it!!!! So glad Jessie's back!

  4. Oh so when do we appear in the story :) just wonderin' :)
    Your Friend
    Poem Girl

    1. OK, so Piano is Ladasha. You guys will make your entrance soon... ;)


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