Friday, May 17, 2013

About Me//Guest Post

First of all I would like to thank Story Teller for granting me this privilege of guest posting.
Second of all I would like to introduce myself.

I am a soon to be 8th grader.
I am short though..
So you would never know that I am going into 8th grade.
I am home schooled.
I am an exceptional dreamer.
Some say I am dramatic.
I disagree.
I just have a way of expressing myself.

Hello. My name is Kayla.
I get distracted easily.
Oh My Word!!! Is that pink Butterfly!?!?!

I am a little different.
But I mean if every one was the same.
How special would life be?

I am a God Girl.
I am a wanna be photographer, singer, and fashion designer.
I couldn't live with out music.
My favorite colors are Pink, Sea Foam Green, and Aqua Blue.

Nice To Meet You! :)
Visit my blog!

Xox. Kayla

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