Thursday, May 16, 2013

Quest Post- A challenge by Aili

Hay guys! This is  Aili with you today. I've been writing a book and I found some images off of pinterest of what I imagine my characters to look like.

Here are some....

 How I imagine the main character of my story, Kia Destiny. Long brown hair, Brown eyes, a few freckles and a sword by her side. This image pretty much clears it up, except she kinda looks like a pirate.

Kia Destiny's only sister,  Launa. Launa soon becomes the queen and turns against her sister.

Blue Medieval Dress


Cute little fair maiden by ~Laninjamidget on deviantART


Your challenge is search the web for images that look very similar to the characters above. Then, I will have other pictures of my characters. I would love it if you would enter this challenge.
You do not have to search for all the characters just do as many as you can find.
Once you find some images post them to your blog, then leave a link to it under the comments.

Here is one image I found that matched Rohesia....


Don't they look the same?

So start Google-ing and searcing on pinterest for images that match.
Can't wait to see what you come up with!


  1. I'll do it! I've been writing a book and have kind of been doing the same thing. I'll recomment with my link later! -Katy

  2. I thought she looked kind of like Kia:

    and doesn't she look kind of like Amalauna? :)

    I'll try to find some more later! :) This was fun!

    1. Thanks for doing this! The Amalauna one is good.

  3. she could pass as Rohesia! :)


    and I know it's not exact, but he reminded me of Mordecai! :)

    1. The Rohesia one is spot on!

    2. Sorry but Amalauna has dark brown hair.

      With a little picmonkey magic, the Mordecai one will work.

  4. Here's my link:

    1. I can't find the image.... where is it?


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