Friday, May 10, 2013

you all have inspired me...

I'm not even kidding. Remember a few posts back how I talked about how I'm horrible at keeping journals and everything? Then I got all of your lovely comments about journaling. And I got this comment from Katy:

"Yes, I keep a journal! Otherwise I get so consumed with thoughts(Really) That's a good idea with using the computer as a journal. I tried it a while back, but I love being able to hold the pencil and write on the paper. I feel I can call it my own if it's on paper." {edited off the end part...}

And I realized that I have a lot of thoughts, too, that sometimes don't get written down. Feelings, really. The more artistic side of me. Not the "I did this today" kind of a thing, like what I write in my computer journal. But more like thoughts. Letters to friends that only I want to see. Feelings. I call it my Thought Journal.

And guess what?

You guys were the ones who inspired me to do it.

Thanks, Katy.

Thanks everyone else.

Because you have inspired me.

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