Friday, May 3, 2013

When I'm reading a book, sometimes I just want to disappear inside of it...

It's true. I love books so much. I'm a really big reader. Like... I go to my library, and the librarians love me because I always check out like ten books. And when I'm reading a book... it's just so comforting. And you learn so much. And get so many amazing, new plots that entertain you. I love the library. It's like a second home or something. And the best part? It's full of books.

When I read a book, it's like I'm inside of it or something. Sometimes I just wish I could go into their world, meet them, say hi, go around, you know? You just want to interact with them. Be friends with them. Because in a way, it's like you are.

If you're a writer, like I am, then you know what it's like to create your characters. I feel like I know my characters. Like they're my friends or something. Kind of weird, right? But it's true. I feel like Piper and Connie are good friends. That Sonya and I would clash heads. That Maddie and I would be besties. That Willow and I would have awesome talks and be really good friends. That D and I would be sarcastic to the ends of the earth. That Jo and I could write poems together. That Olivia and I could do plays together. That Heidi and I could roam Chronicles together and freak out about horses together. That Wyn, Arawyn, and I could sit down and talk about how we hate arrogant guys. That Adriana and I could talk about fairies and play jokes on them, giggling hysterically the whole time.

The list goes on and on.

I wish I could be in the Warrior Squad, be the Keeper of Chronicles, live in a town in Virginia called Applegate, be known as the Rubberboot Girl, be a Fairy Eyes, get to be an actress... I wish I could just disappear inside of their books for awhile, get to be with them, live their lives and stories and have amazing adventures.

Do you sometimes wish that?


  1. Hehe! I check out like 30 books when I go to the library...:P But, totally the same as me!!!!!!!


    1. Awesome!! :) (are they any good? That's always my problem... =P)

  2. I am in love with this post. I feel the exact same way.
    Thank you for posting this. <3


    I love your blog! :)

  3. Yes, ohmigosh, so many times I wish to disappear into a new world, but sadly that form of transportation is not yet invented...XD

    Love you,

  4. I totally have the same feelings as you!! To be at a library is the best place to be!! All of the librarians at my library know me by heart cause im in there so much:) I could be stuck at a library all day & i Would never be bored!! Most of my friends think im weird for loving books & libraries so much:P in fact I thought that I was one of the only teenage girls who love to go to the library =P glad 2 know u have the same feelings =D luv ya Storyeller; so glad I've gotten to know u through blogging!! I consider u a good friend even though I don't even really know u; LOL I don't even know your name:P but I do know this- you r an amazing girl and u inspire so many people; including me!

    1. I know! I could spend hours there. :) DAYS!! =D (and I could use the computers to check on you guys... haha =D) I know. Usually I'm like the only girl there my age and if there IS a girl there, she has like one book. =P I'm so glad to have gotten to know you, too!! :) Same here. :) haha yeah... my name will probably be a secret for a REALLY long time... =P Thanks so much, Britt! :) That's so sweet of you. :) Right back at you:)

  5. When I was going through a time when I had really no friends, and nobody liked me at mmy church, my book characters that I made up were my best friends (other than my siblings)I liked to sit down and write about them. I love reading as well, because it gives me inspiration and ideas of what to write about. I love to read mysteries, and adventure stories. I sometimes try to read a really hard book every now and then to expand mmy knowledge, instead of just reading about things I already know about. Now, I have good, close friends, but my book characters are still good people to hang out with when I want to be alone:)

  6. I wish that all the time. Especially with my own stories and characters.
    When I read or write though, it's almost as if I'm there. It's like I'm dreaming or something. Then somebody says something and *POOF* it's all gone. It really throws me off sometimes, like waking up from a good dream still half asleep. It snaps me so quick back to reality, that it's almost sad.
    The library is my favorite place in the world!!!!!!

    1. I know, right? :)


      Totally! :) (almost ;D)

  7. Hey Storyteller!!! I'm back to the blogging world! I've been busy and stuff...
    We are exactly the same!!!! I LOVE. The library and I wish the warrior squad was real:D. We can be blogging besties, maybe? I had a dream about the warrior squade actually... It was awesome:D I can't wait for the next unusuals!!!!!!!

    I love going to new places... And I can go any where thru a book without leaving my home:) I love it<3

    I was going to leave the longest comment in the history of blogging but I ran out of time:P


    1. Yay!! =D

      Yeah!! :) Except I don't think I'd be Sonya... haha :D (probably like Willow or something... I'm more like her :))

      I know, right? :)

      haha well, I like all of your comments:)


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