Thursday, May 2, 2013

With God, I'm free, I'm unstoppable, and it's amazing

I love being somewhere in nature by myself. Like the forest. Or the beach. Or a cliff. Just somewhere. Because then I can close my eyes, and imagine that I'm in one of the adventures in my books. Or I'll think about new twists in my stories. Or I'll just think about the amazing world that God has made--that I'm apart of! It's so amazing for me.

I'll twirl around with my hands raised, feeling unstoppable. When you're by yourself, nothing seems impossible. Because it's like you can actually say to yourself, "Yes, I'm going to do this. And nothing can stop me." It's a little different when you actually get into that situation, right? I've done that lots of times. I'll think, "What's so scary about that?" But then when I get into the situation, I'm like, "I'M GOING TO DIE!" It's because I'm so shy. But I'm breaking free of it.

Because of something that I've realized.

You know that feeling? When you feel unstoppable? Well, guess what? It's real. Because with God, you are unstoppable. You can start that organization for God, you can be in that play for God, you can join choir for God, you can run races for God... The list goes on and on. With God, you can do anything--anything for Him.

It frees you up, doesn't it? Just saying that. "I'm unstoppable with God." Because you are. Suddenly there's a whole new world opened up. Suddenly there's so many things that you can do, with Christ right by your side. It's amazing. It's like a whole new world, isn't it?

I'm in this "whole new world" right now. It's amazing. I just feel free--free to do what God's calling me to do, what He's calling me to be, without fear. It's amazing. Absolutely spectacular. And it just makes me think, Why didn't I do this before?

Sorry this post kind of starts in one place in ends in another... but it's just been something on my heart, you know?

God bless.


  1. While I read this post, a quote popped into my head. "Nothings impossible, the word its self says
    I'm-Possible." I don't know it's just what came to mind:) Btw I'm following you on Bloglovin:) -Katy

    1. Awesome!! :)

      Thanks so much, Katy! :)


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