Saturday, May 11, 2013

sometimes you just feel like a failure...

the brush moves over the paper. the watery paint seeps through the white like rainbow water. slowly, a picture is formed. but it's not right. i shake my head, crumple the piece of paper, and throw it towards the trash. it misses. as per usual.

Sometimes you just feel like a failure, don't you? Your drawings don't turn out how you imagined, you're always missing shots, your designing's not as original, and your drive to write stories has... disappeared.

I feel like a failure a lot. It's hard. Everybody else always seems to do great. And I just want to break down crying, hiding my head in my hands.

why aren't i as good as before? why can't i do this?

Feeling like a failure drags you down, doesn't it? And it just makes everything else that much worse. It doesn't make you believe that you can do things. And if you don't think you can do it, I'll promise you, you won't be able to do it.

my child, why have you despaired?
why have you felt forsaken?
do you not know that I am with you?
do you not know what I am always by your side?
do not be discouraged.
take heart and know that the Lord your God is with you, wherever you go.

God's always there for you. It hurts to feel ugly; to feel like a failure; to feel like whatever you do isn't enough. That that one person is always better then you. But whatever happens--even if you're a blind hunchback who's paralyzed and burned unrecognizably--God is still going to be there for you. And that's all that matters. When you die and see Him face to face, all of that is going to melt away. And you're going to be happier then you ever were. And you'll forget all about any of this.

Just remember that the next time that you're feeling like a failure. You're not. God's made you with amazing talents. It doesn't matter if one person or thousands of people are better at you in all of them. God gave you just the amount of everything to make you perfect.

Shine for Jesus today.


  1. Hey! You're far from a failure! I'm sure you excel in many things! :D And your stories are amazing! <3

  2. Thanks for this post Storyteller!! I really needed this today!!! I've been feeling really unwanted lately & I feel like I can never be as good as other people I know! I feel like im always failing my parents, God, & my friends!! But thanks again 4 this post!! It was really encouraging.

    1. You're welcome!! :) You're not unwanted. :) You're one of my best blogger friends. :) You always brighten up my day. :) Keep shining!! :)

    2. Oh thank u so much!! That is so sweet ;) u really made my day!! An u r definitely my closest blogger friend too =D

    3. You're welcome. :) Aww, thanks:)


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