Monday, May 20, 2013

i rather wish i had a best friend

we jump in the river.
it  splashes.
and make us laugh all the more.
we run.
we dress up, and play.
we don't care that we're "older".
what's the fun in that?
we have adventures.
get "lost" in the woods.
we climb trees.
braid each other's hair.
we write stories together.
talk on end through the night.
we watch the stars.
we make up our own constellations.
we laugh until we cry.
until our stomachs hurt.
we smile until we can't.
until our faces hurt.
we do that.
because we're best friends.
and best friends...
they're rare.
i know.
i don't actually have one.
i have three close friends.
but it's different.
they all live pretty far away.
and it's hard to keep in touch sometimes.
and it just seems... i don't have a best friend.
i miss that feeling.
that knowing.
i wish i had a best friend.
thanks for being my friends.

||thanks to my lovely guest posters||
yes, i'm back early
{do you still want until Thursday?}


  1. Nice to have you back.
    I know how you feel about best friends, I had two. They went into public school junior high and were not really nice to me anymore. I haven't had besties since. But I found out that God wanted me to be His best friend, hey, it felt good to pour all this out I've been stewing on this all. :)

    1. Thanks. :)

      Wow, so sorry. That's really sad. :( Yes, God makes the best friend, doesn't He? :)

  2. How cute! I love your blog. Following <3 Come follow mine too :) tHanks


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