Friday, May 17, 2013

Christy Here, Taking Over!

Hi there, y'all! My name is Christy, and I love anything to do with music, which is why I run my song blog! Apprentice of Song :)
Some random facts about myself are in order! So here they are=
0: I am going into ninth grade (High school here I come!) and I am home schooled:D 
1: I love broccoli (Really, I do)
2: I enjoy making angel food cake from scratch
3: I love all kinds of music (I mean ALL kinds!)
4: I love to sing while my sister plays guitar
5: I love reading and writing stories
6: I love superhero and adventure movies
7: I love dancing (though I'm terrible at it! Haha!) 
8: I hate SPIDERS
9: I don't like coleslaw:P
10: I feel indifferent about being alone (Sometimes I like it, sometimes... not so much:P)

While I was writing this I asked my little brother to say a random thing about me and he said, "Say that you are beautiful!" Awwww:D  Not kidding:)

I'll be writing about role models this week or early next week!


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