Tuesday, May 14, 2013

life is a highway, i'm gonna ride it, all night long

life is a highway
i'm gonna ride it
all night long

I love that song. It's so... catchy. :) And it's from one of my favorite movies--Cars. I really like that movie, because of how Lightning McQueen changes. At first he's the selfish guy who only cares about himself. And then suddenly he does care. And at the end, he even sacrifices the Piston Cup--the thing he's dreamed about for forever--to make sure that The King doesn't end up like Doc Hudson and actually gets to finish the race.

Let's... just saw that that went high in my books. Personally.

I also think the movie's hilariously funny, of course. =D Can't forget Mater and the rest of those guys. I just really love that movie. Do you like Cars? What other Disney/Pixar movies do you like? :)

What qualities/themes would you pull away from the movie?

God bless,

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