Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sometimes I just feel like a cat whisperer...

Dear Readers,

Thanks for all of your recent interactions with me. :) I love talking with you guys. :)

Most of you know about my black cat with the green eyes that looks like Toothless. (if you didn't know, now you do...) Usually I'm not very good with animals, but that's different with me and cats. I love cats. I feel like I understand them a more then dogs. They're so soft and small, too. :) I don't know... it's just whenever I'm around a cat, I feel like I'm a cat whisperer or something haha =D

Anyway, so this morning I went out to where my cat stays and I found this long piece of hay on the ground. So, during my normal morning visit, I played with her. (and found out that my straw wielding hand is faster then her pounce...) It was actually pretty funny, watching her just think that the piece of straw was alive.

Do you have pets? How many? Do you feel like you're an animal person? What's your favorite animal? Have you ever just felt like an animal whisperer?

Until later...



  1. Yeah, I totally love horses!

  2. I am an animal person and whisperer! Here are my pets:): 28 chickens, 3 ducks, 3 parakeets, 2 cats, 1 dog, 2 turtles, 1 crawfish, 1 perch, 13 tadpoles, And some I probably forgot. Literally, I forget some of our pets sometimes:) Plus, I've kinda tamed the birds and squirrels around our house- they actually eat out of my hands!


  3. Yeah, we have a few animals.
    We have two dogs (Bear the black shaggy mutt and Sugar the beautiful Yellow English Lab that we will someday breed), two outside cats (Simba and Shadow), three goats (Trudy the big bad boss, Eva the big momma, and Mocha the little dancer guy), a rabbit (Jasper), and twenty chickens (1 evil ruster that I HATE, and hens that mostly don't have names except a few which include Susan, Wendy, Squawk, and Ruby).
    I LOVE animals! <3
    Except our ruster... but I have already told you my feelings toward him.
    My favorite animal is the Cheetah. They are so beautiful and majestic looking, not to mention that they are super fast! I think they are really beautiful cats.
    My Favorite pet would be... uh... I don't know, I like them all! Except spiders and rusters. Otherwise I like any pet really. I don't even mind snakes or lizards. I'm kinda wierd that way. :)

  4. I LOVE ANIMALS!! They are like my best friends =) I have two dogs and a sweet little cat named Shadow! I love all three of them with all my heart! =D


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