Monday, May 6, 2013

I'm like really bad at keeping diaries and journals...

I'm serious. I'll start one, but my fingers just don't move fast enough with the pen to write down everything that I want to write, so I just stop. Have you ever had that problem? I love writing down my thoughts and feelings, which is part of why I blog. But I also found another way to write down what's happening in my life.

It's called a Computer Journal.


It's a journal on my computer.

I'm pretty fast at typing (thank goodness I had to take one of those computer typing classes as a kid!!), so I can write my thoughts down almost as they're just coming to me. If you're having the same problem I am, maybe you could do that, too!! :) Love to hear if you did it. :)

The only problem that I can think of is that if my computer crashes I would lose it all. (though it's on a flashdrive, so really I wouldn't... =P) Well, I at least wouldn't be able to write on it on that computer and would have to wait to write more until I could get it on a new computer. :) (like this one. Because I write on one computer and then use the internet on the other, so, yeah.... ;D)

Do you do journaling? If so, why? What do you like about journaling? If you don't already have a journal/diary, I think it's a really good idea. You can record memories that you can read later, record checkpoints (like followers, designing things you've discovered, etc.), and just write down your thoughts that sometimes are more confusing in your brain and then make sense when you write them down.


P.S. Should I have a way to end my posts? On Dragonmaster, I just leave them. On Storyteller of Weston County, it goes like "Later gator. Over and out." But what about here? Got any ideas, my lovely followers? Thanks:)


  1. Yes, I keep a journal! Otherwise I get so consumed with thoughts(Really) That's a good idea with using the computer as a journal. I tried it a while back, but I love being able to hold the pencil and write on the paper. I feel I can call it my own if it's on paper(Silly, I know) Bye, Katy:)

    1. Cool!! :) haha for me my fingers didn't move fast enough. :D

  2. I have started over 15 diary's in my life...
    Its hard to keep up with writing in it.
    And I can type faster than I can write. :)
    I haven't started a online journal yet..
    I need to work on it! :D
    That's why I started blogging!

    1. Wow!! Kind of sounds like me haha :)
      I know... =P
      Exactly! :)
      Well, a computer journal. :)
      Cool! :)

  3. I love keeping journals! I can never finish a journal (except last year in sixth grade when we had to write an entry a day. i wrote like, three entries a day. so that finished pretty quickly.) but I just find journals SO SO SO inspiring, because you can look back on your life and see what you were like when you were a kid. (mine probably consists of a lot of cheesy, cliche entries and run-on sentences. yeah.)
    Also, I'm planning on starting an art journal, (i think that's what they're called) where it's kind of like a scrapbook but you can write...words. XD But I'm not going to start that until I finish most of my unfinished journals, which probably consists of around ten. Yeah. Long way to go.

    Hmm...closing? You could just write "--Storyteller" or something like that. :)

    Love you,

    1. Awesome, Jenny!! :) haha yeah, my old journals are like horrible. =P I'm always trying to read them and having to guess words because my handwriting and everything was so bad. :P That's really cool!! :) You'll have to tell me if you ever start your art journal. :)

      Thanks... I'll probably just do that. :D

  4. I must tell you your design looks lovely! Alex

  5. Yep. I've got a journal! I can write pretty fast, so it's about the same to me as typing. But I've already filled up 3 books! And I plan to continue! I think it's really fun to look back and see what I did on June 14, 2011! I think everyone should make a journal. but of course...not everyone is like me! haha:)

    1. Sweet!! :) haha good for you:) Maybe I need to practice my handwriting skills... lol:)

    2. Haha:) well, some people can just write better than they type. Like it is taking me a long time to write this comment! hehe:)
      I just guess that you're more of a typer:P


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