Saturday, May 25, 2013

Sometimes I feel like my life's as far from a book as possible...

My eyes scanned the track course, runners pushing speeding down the lanes. I'm totally engrossed, not really paying any attention. The person I came with sits in front of me to my right, watching, too. Both of us are totally and only paying attention to the race.


I didn't realize the voice was talking to me until I turned around. Nope, the kid was looking right at me. No escaping now.

"How'd you get that?" He points at my yellow knee brace.

What immediately goes through my mind: "Um... I got this from my therapist's..."

I must've had a really confused look on my face, because he quickly says, "I mean, like what happened?"

"Oh." I feel really stupid. "I tore my ACL in a skiing accident."

"Oh, man, I'm so sorry," he tells me.

He says something else about my brace, but I don't remember it. I never see him again.


Sometimes I feel like the story worlds that I create are so far from my real life that it's not even funny. Like... my life's never like a story. Nothing ever interesting, funny, or rather strange ever happens to me. But there are those times when it seems like the window of a much bigger story comes open, and something really strange and unexpected happens in my life.

Like... some strange and random kid walking up to me at the track meet and asking me about my brace.

This is me: ????????????????

Let's just say that by the time he'd walked away I was thinking my life was a Jessie Bender letter. JK OK, not quite Jessie (I think if it was a Jessie letter he would've asked me where I was from =P), but definitely one of those book-type things that happened to you that just kind of makes you be like, "What on earth?!"

Has anything like that ever happened to you? Or do you get that feeling sometimes that your life's never going to be a book? What's the strangest thing like that^ that's ever happened to you?

God bless||don't go to track meets (JK)


  1. I always feel like that! Sometimes, I just want to go to France...or Italy. Just SOMEWHERE...away from here. But I think, "This is where God has me, and He has a plan for me. Maybe not a plan that I want, but He knows what is best for me." That is a comforting thought for me:)

  2. Ha!ha! Yes, I have the same feelings =) And I love when something totally random & small happens in my life and brings a little joy & excitement! I kind of take the small ordinary things more excitingly then others do =P To me- It's the small things that count =D

    P.S. That was really sweet of him in inquire about your leg =D

    1. haha I know, right? =D

      Kind of weird. And awkward. :D (I thought, anyway...)


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